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Layering clothes

Bringing the appropriate clothing to cope with the often dramatic changes in weather and temperature we encounter in the great outdoors can be difficult. A hot summer day can be followed by plummeting temperatures at night. Thunderstorms and rain can catch us off-guard. Shivering in the cold air can quickly turn to sweating after a […]

Choosing a campsite

The difference between a carefully chosen campsite and a poorly chosen one can mean the difference between a comfortable nights sleep and a miserable one. In this article we hope to provide tips that will prove useful when you’re out and about. Here’s what you should consider: Surface A relatively flat surface is mandatory when […]

Weighing your pack and gear

Weighing your backpack is the first step to reducing its weight. The second step involves weighing each individual item filling it. That’s when you can start deciding what to take, leave or replace with a lighter product. Weighing items is also a good way to test whether a manufacturer has been honest about their products […]

An introduction

Welcome to Travel Lights main emphasis is on camping and ultralight backpacking, but we also have room for general outdoor pursuits. From instructional articles, guides, and product reviews, we’re sure you’ll find something to suit your interests. To stay up to date with our posts why not follow us on twitter. You can also […]