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LifeVenture’s Shampoo leaves

Hygiene has a significant effect on moral. It only takes a few days out camping and hiking before your hair becomes greasy and your trip starts to feel less and less enjoyable. LifeVenture’s shampoo leaves are tiny dry sheets of shampoo that build up a lather once warm water is added. They come in a […]

Daft Logic’s distance calculator

When planning a trip, it’s always vital to measure the distance of the route you intend to travel. Measuring distance helps you to make decisions about when to stop and allows you to estimate the time it will take to complete a trip and reach any checkpoints. The methods for doing this manually typically involve […]

Get organized with LighterPack

Sometimes, planning a trip can be the hardest part. Choosing what gear to take, and what not to take can be a messy obstacle, with gear strewn about your room and you crossing things off the paper list you wrote while punching grams, pounds or ounces into your calculator. Then, by the next trip you’ve […]